Nobel CAD/CAM comes to China

KOWA Dental continues to bring state-of-the-art systems and technology to China. And we are proud to announce the latest Nobel CAD/CAM technology as a first for the country. We are delighted to introduce Dr Jean Haziza, a world authority on dental implants, who is bringing KOWA patients the very best that implant expertise and technology can offer. Unlike implant procedures to date that relied to a certain extent on manual design, manufacture and insertion, Dr Haziza uses the latest Nobel CAD/CAM technology and equipment for all three stages of the implant process to ensure absolute precision in the design, manufacture and insertion of the implants and prostheses. With a 99% success rate for this technology over the past four years, recipients of these implants are guaranteed perfect implants that should last a lifetime. For further details please see the presentation below.


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